PIDP 3100 Trends and Roles Assignment

·       Marino, M. T., Sameshima, P.,& Beecher, C. C. (2009). Enhancing TPACK with assistive technology: Promoting inclusive practices in preservice teacher education. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 9(2), 186-207.
·       Mueller, Julie; Wood, Eileen; Hunt, Jen; Specht, Jacqueline (2009). Assessing Adult Student Reactions to Assistive Technology in Writing Instruction. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal Spring 2009, Vol. 3 Issue 1, 13-23. (log in with your VCC username and password, or access from on campus)

PIDP 3100 Lesson Planning Assignment

·       Literature Review of Testing Accommodations and Accessibility Tools for Students with Disabilities. Cara Laitusis, Heather Buzick, Elizabeth Stone, Eric Hansen and Mark Hakkinen. Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ. Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.
IDS Bloom’s Taxonomy: All Three Domains. University of Minnesota Duluth.
·       Managing Students with Computers: Best Practice. PBS, New York.
·       Praise in the Classroom. Eric Digests.
·       Education videos: ten ways to use them well. BBC Active.

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